AVP Mfg. & Supply Inc ., (www.jackfields.com)

AVP Mfg. & Supply Inc., founded in 1985, is a manufacturer of commercial broadcast, telecom, and satellite equipment, including the design and manufacturing of audio, video, and digital jackfields, connectors, wire and cable assemblies. AVP sells through world-wide distribution, and also partners directly with clients, designing and manufacturing custom jackfield and panel solutions for its broadcast, telecom, and satellite customers and OEM relationships.

In 2006 when we became involved with AVP, they had a 2003 Small Business Server that handled e-mail and domain security.  Also on the network was a Sage ACT server to manage their 8000+ business contacts, a NAS (networked attached storage) server for company documents, a SQL server for engineering test data,  and an ERP (enterprise resource planning) for accounting, sales, payroll and shipping.  There was an additional PC computer set up so the sales force in Ontario, British Columbia, California and Florida could log into the network remotely, one user at a time.  At the time, AVP backed up to a tape drive preserving data through a 20-tape rotation scheme.

We have recently consolidated then entire network down to two Hyper-V host servers, each server hosting two virtual servers.  We replaced the remote PC with a Terminal Server that allows not only the sales staff to connect remotely (all at the same time), but it also offers the capability for customers to directly review product catalogs and check on the build status of their orders.  We also added an FTP (file transfer protocol) server to allow for the movement of large files such as drawings and product data.

To protect the integrity of their data, and to move away from the 20 tape rotation, we added a Barracuda Networks Backup appliance which first backs up all the data locally to the backup appliance, and then a redundant copy is uploaded to a secure server in Quebec owned by Barracuda Networks.

Exemplary product, short turn-around time, competitive pricing, and high-quality customer support has produced extraordinary product-line acceptance and customer loyalty.  Convergent Technologies is proud to be a part of this growth.